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RCCG Prayer & Fasting (Day 16)



BIBLE TEXT(S): Gen 6:17, Psa 46:1-3


INTRODUCTION: Natural disasters are destructive events, calamities that happen by nature. Such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, fire, tsunami, landslide, plaques, etc. Men regard their occurrence as an act of God or by some strange powers, hence there is a need to pray for God’s mercy and against their disasters from time to time.


  1. Father; have mercy on us your people, deliver us from natural disasters in Jesus name. Psa 57:1

  2. Father, I your mercy, reverse the disaster that you spoke of bringing to us because of our iniquities. Exo 32:14

  3. Father; we humble ourselves and seek your face, please hear us from heaven, heal our land and deliver us from natural disasters in Jesus name. 2Chro 7:13- 14

  4. Father; have mercy on us and forgive us for abandoning the only living God to serve and worship other gods in Jesus name. 2Chro 7:22

  5. Father hear us and save us from impending disaster and even the ones that have already happened which has led to food crises all over the Continent of Africa in Jesus name. 2Chro 20:9

  6. Father; bring disaster upon all the enemies of peace and righteousness in our nation in Jesus name. 2Chro 34:24

  7. Father; give us listening ears to your instructions so that we can dwell safely and secure in Jesus name. Prov 1:33

  8. Father; forgive us, our sins, so that disasters will not pursue us in Jesus name. Prov 13:21

  9. Father, in your mercy, terminate every disaster that your judgement brought upon our nation in Jesus name. Isa 47:11

  10. Father, by your mercies do not let disaster come upon us out of the north (put trouble spots in your country) according to your word in Jer 1:14, 4:6, in Jesus name.

  11. Father, remember your word in Jer 2:3 and bring disaster upon those killing your children in our lands, in Jesus name.

  12. Father, do not let the errors of our leaders bring disasters upon us , in Jesus name. Eze 7:26

  13. Father; please have mercy on us for breaking your covenant that can bring disasters upon us in Jesus name.

  14. Father in the days of Jonah, you had mercy on the people of Nineveh, please have mercy on us too in Jesus name. Jonah 3:6-10

  15. Father, let us find favour in your sight and do not allow disasters destroy our nation in Jesus name

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