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"Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding"
- Jeremiah 3:15 -

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Parish Pastor

Pastor Tunde Olaniyi serves as the Pastor of RCCG Grace Assembly London. He became the Lead Pastor after the passing on to glory of Pastor Jeffery Motunde in September 2020.
Pastor Tunde is faithful and obedient in his relationship with Jesus Christ; he pastors with a passion and genuine love for people of all ages, with an attitude of versatility and sensitivity, and with a heart of compassion. Pastor Tunde finds joy in helping all members of his congregation, old and new, find their place in the church and in the body of Christ
In leading the church, Pastor Tunde's earnest desire is to see people come to the saving grace of Jesus, to evangelize, to disciple people, and to edify the church.


General Overseer

In the forefront of missionary activity out of Africa, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has achieved, through various global Christian ministries and social organs, a great following for Christ Jesus. He sees the local church as one of the focal points of Christian discipleship, and thus plans to have an RCCG branch 5 minutes from every home in the world.
In furtherance of this goal, he oversees a network of over 40,000 parish-churches in 186 nations of the world. 
His trademark of humility is disarming and endearing, enabling him to easily share his testimony of the Gospel. His passion for soul-winning feeds his passion for church-planting, and through this, countless people have been inspired to follow him and serve the Lord in the ministry.

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Late Senior Pastor

When we think of late Pastor Motunde’s donation, what he contributed, what he invested, we have much to be thankful for. Consider the investments of the Word of God that Pastor Jeffery made into the lives of so many people, not only members of this church, but all of the people, including ministers, that he poured his life into. Our dear Pastor Jeffery was a rugged soldier and prayer warrior who was fully committed to his church, planting multiple churches and to raising disciples for Christ. PJM as he was fondly called by many was an ardent worshiper, a ‘prayer-smith' and a dedicated evangelist.
In life he gave of himself again and again, and in death we honor his legacy by continuing the work which he started.

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