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INTRODUCTION: Education is a process of systematic giving or receiving instructions, especially at school. When our educational system meets with international standards, instils discipline and allows for the fear of God, it will raise up a learned and godly generation. Every child of God must be teachable and willing to learn.


  1. Father, we thank you for the opportunity you have given unto us to learn. Psa. 103:2

  2. Father, we thank you for the level our educational standard has reached now. Joh 15:5

  3. Father, thank you for giving us room for improvement in our educational system.

  4. Father, we sanitize all learning environments in our nation with the blood of Jesus Christ Heb. 13:12

  5. Father, please make learning environments in our nation conducive for our children to study in Jesus name. Psa. 127:1

  6. Father, l pray that schools in my nation will be diligent and faithful in discharging their duties in Jesus name. Deu. 5:1

  7. Father, help the teachers to be able to balance mercy and discipline in the right way in Jesus name.

  8. Father, help all parents to provide adequately for their children education in Jesus name. Phi. 4:19

  9. Father deliver our children from ungodly friends that will truncate their destiny in Jesus name. 2 Sam.13:5

  10. Father, help all our students to learn with humility and submissiveness in Jesus name. Mat.10:24

  11. Father, raise up our children with wisdom that come from above that they will know and understand the core values of education in Jesus name.

  12. Father, teach them by yourself that they will have the fear of the Lord in their heart in Jesus name Isa. 54:13.

  13. Teach the student love and respect and deliver them from the lust of the eyes, the flesh and pride of life. 1 John 2:15-17.

  14. Father, we thank you for the opportunity of learning in your household to rightly divide the word of truth 2 Tim. 2:15.

  15. Father, please help the teachers to teach with love and, cloth them with wisdom and good knowledge of what they have to teach in Jesus Name.

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