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RCCG Prayer & Fasting (Day 21)



BIBLE VERSE(S): Psa 122:6-8, Isa 45:13


INTRODUCTION: The Bible in Psalm 122:6 commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Moreover, we know that it for our own good, because whatever happens in Jerusalem radiates across the whole world.Zech.12:2-3


  1. Lord we thank you for your present peace in Jerusalem, in Jesus name.

  2. Lord arise and have mercy upon your city, Jerusalem, in Jesus name.

  3. Lord by your Holy Spirit convict all the people of Jerusalem of their sins, and give them the grace to repent so they can find truth and forgiveness, in Jesus name. John 16:8

  4. Lord we pray against violence in your city, Jerusalem, in Jesus name.

  5. Lord we pray that more and more will come to trust in God, find peace and love that casts out fear, in Jesus name. 1 Joh.4:18

  6. Oh God continue to raise up men and women who in the Mission field of Israel, in Jesus name.

  7. Father let the Government of Israel support the spread of the Gospel of Jesus in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

  8. Lord all global alienation against Jerusalem be terminated by your mighty hand, in Jesus name.

  9. Lord send your peace to the Middle east in Jesus name.

  10. Oh Lord let your love and peace reign among the Arabians and the Jews in Israel in Jesus name.

  11. All the destructive plans of the enemy against Jerusalem be thwarted, cancelled with the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.

  12. Daddy let your perfect plans come to pass for Jerusalem in Jesus name.

  13. Lord let every internal and external powers frustrating your will and return to Jerusalem be destroyed in Jesus name.

  14. Lord let every anti-gospel agent in Jerusalem fade away in Jesus name.

  15. Lord let every ancient strong hold and ignorance about the coming our Lord Jesus be terminated in Jesus name.

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