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RCCG Prayer & Fasting (Day 24)



BIBLE VERSE(S): Psa 127:3-5, Eph 1:3, James 1:17


INTRODUCTION: Children are the heritage of the Lord; they are the hope of our future and the home we build. Children also are spiritual blessing from God. They are a good and perfect gift from the Almighty God. God is the original giver of children. They are easy target of the enemy so we need to arise and pray to secure their life and future


  1. Thank God Almighty who is the giver of good and perfect gifts Jam1:17

  2. Thank the good God for His grace upon you to release unto you, what money cannot buy for free of charge, in Jesus name. Psa 127:1-3

  3. Father, please don’t let any forces of darkness harm our children, in Jesus name. Mat19:14

  4. Father, please make our children mighty vessels in your hand, in Jesus name.

  5. Father, please give parents divine wisdom to raise their children in your way, in Jesus name. Prov 22:6

  6. Father, we come against any hindrance that would stand in the way of our children climbing to the top, in Jesus name. Mat19:14

  7. Father, please destroy by the fire of Holy Ghost every snare of the enemy set to trap our children, in Jesus name. Psa 124:7

  8. Father, I command every evil plantation upon the life of our children, be rooted OUT and be destroyed, in Jesus name. Mat15:13

  9. Father, please arise and do a new thing in the life of our children, in Jesus name. Isa 43:19

  10. Father, please terminate any evil transfer from parents to their children, in Jesus name. 1kings 21:28-29

  11. Father, I decree that the power that stopped parents from fulfilling destiny will not stop their children, in Jesus name. Jer 35:6-7

  12. Father, please let my children possess the gates of their enemies, in Jesus name. Psa 127:5

  13. Father, I command the spirit of laziness to get out of the life of our children, in Jesus name. Prov 6:9-10

  14. Father, please let the joy of salvation enter into the lives of our children, in Jesus name. Psa 51:12

  15. Let us thank God specially for all our children in RCCG

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