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RCCG Prayer & Fasting (Day 28)



BIBLE VERSE(S): Genesis 1:28, John 15:5


INTRODUCTION: Productivity is one of the mandate God gave to His children. it is not negotiable; it is a command. and if you are a true child of God all you need to do in order to be productive is to abide in the Lord who gave the command.


  1. Father, let the anointing for obedience and prosperity fall upon me as it was with Abraham in Jesus name Gen. 24:35.

  2. Father, please deliver me and my family from the spirit of nonproductive in the name of Jesus Deut. 1:40-46.

  3. Father, you are the source of productivity, l hide in you; help me to be productive in my career in Jesus name.

  4. Father, in my career help me to be faithful, for it is required of a steward to be found faithful in Jesus name. 1 Cor. 4:2.

  5. Father, help me to pursue my career according to your standard for the glory of Your name in Jesus name Col. 3:17, 23.

  6. Father, in all my career let me seek the kingdom of heaven first in the name of Jesus. Matt. 6: 33.

  7. Father, help me to abide in you at all-time never to allow anything to disconnect me in Jesus name John. 15:5.

  8. Father, in these evil days, please strengthen me to walk wisely making the best use of my time in Jesus name. Phil 4:13, Eph. 1:5.

  9. Father, in my career grant me wisdom so that my light will shine brighter and brighter to the glory of Your Name in Jesus name. Dan 1:20, Matt. 5:16.

  10. Father, as your hand was with Isaac let your hand be with me for favour in Jesus name. Gen 26:2

  11. Father, in my career help me to always have a positive influence on the people in Jesus name.

  12. Father, help me to always think of being a blessing to others in the name of Jesus. Ep. 2:10.

  13. Father, give me a heart that is committed to serve like Jesus, in Jesus name Matt. 20:26-28.

  14. Father, in my career help me to enjoy the fruit of my labour, may l not disappear before my glory will appear in the name of Jesus. Ecc. 3:13.

  15. Father, no matter how hard the situation, may I never quit or give up in trusting in you in Jesus name Prov 24:10, 2 Chro. 15:7, Heb 10:38

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