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RCCG Prayer & Fasting (Day 30)





INTRODUCTION: How far a man will go in life depends on his foundation. Abraham was from a family of unbelievers that is, idol worshippers but God called him out in Genesis 12:1 to walk before Him. The sure foundation of our life is Jesus Christ.


  1. Father, I thank You for the family through which You brought me to this world. Psalm103:1-3.

  2. Father I repent of every generational sin committed by my ancestors. Let the blood of Jesus wash us clean in Jesus Name.

  3. Father, please show me Your mercy and touch the foundation of my life with Your hand of power in Jesus Name. Romans 9:15-16

  4. Father, please visit my family with Your mercy in Jesus Name Lam. 3:22

  5. Father, please break the stronghold of sin in my family lineage in Jesus Name.

  6. Father, every curse upon my life as a result of my family background, let it break in the name of Jesus. Joshua 6:26

  7. Father, every tree of non-achievement in my family background let it be uprooted by the fire of Holy Ghost in Jesus name. Matthew 13:25

  8. Father, every foundational serpent that is operating against the glory of my family, let it be destroyed in Jesus name. Isaiah 27:1-3

  9. Father, every evil pattern of my father household that is about to manifest in my life, break in the name of Jesus. John 4:18

  10. Father, every idol claiming ownership over the foundation of my life be destroyed in the name of Jesus. Acts 16:16.

  11. Father, visit the foundation of my family and let our glory begin to shine in the name of Jesus. 2Sam 22:16

  12. Father, visit the foundation of all our parishes in RCCG worldwide in the name of Jesus. Matthew 16:18

  13. Father, visit the foundations of our nations and let Your glory begin to manifest in the name of Jesus.

  14. Lord Jesus, be the foundation of my life from now henceforth. 1Kings 7:10

  15. Father, visit the foundation of my father’s household and let every error that have attracted curses be wiped off by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name. 1Ki 16:34

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